Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Fried Chicken: A Day In The Life

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Fried Chicken, that's in a bucket

A side a cole slaw then I slurp it and suck it

Goes down smooth, just like my rhymes

Not like watchin a frenchie mime

That you want to punch

Uh, pass the Captain Crunch

Stayin' hard in milk just like my man

My panties are silk cuz I command

And when I speak aw they all come

Runnin' faster to the princess kingdom

Who's the Princess with tha master plan?

Superstar! Superstar!


Master plan! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Me! (Wow)

She's got the flavor, she's got the flavor

She's on it

And I'm on it

Woke up, got outta bed

Put the Final-Net all over my head

Put the panties on my butt and then I fled

Wheredya go?

Went to work at the Chinese Restaurant

Workin' hard for stuff I ain't got

Servin' up the grease and oil

Gotsta know I'm still a royal


Get Back, Get Back

Yeah I got the back and I gotya open

I see it in the dark I don't need no gropen

Put on my blades and do a little rollin' in the city

Hope now and it's time to relax

Do a little shoppin in Jersey cuz there's less tax

I find a sack and then I be smokin'

(what are you talking about you don't even smoke pot!)

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