Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Dolly's Duplicants

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Coming back in 2080

Seemed to be exactly the right time for the superstar who was totally, completely crazy

The people of this age propelled Superstar to centre stage

She was all the rage, she always stayed on the front page

But this was not enough, she wanted more fame and more stuff

And she had a diabolical plan that was insane as fuck

So breathing on the vapor net, Superstar located a creepy baby she met

Who said her duplicant machine was the best you could get

I bet we could easily make ten thousand duplicants Superstar

It's the best money you ever spent

We will all see the folley, this evil lady's name was Dolly

Cloning was her hobby

She was from Sheeps Head Bay, and old time sector in the states of A

Running her duplicant machine, big boobs in her way

Princess and Dolly was desperates desperate for guest spots

Divising the best plots to rule the world full stop, bling bling dripping from their snot

So pop, in the end our Superstar popped

She was unstoppable, undroppable, uncoppable, untoppable

A mad rapper ripper, a ? tripper night kicker

Heavy hitter ball with a baller

But that's not how the stoy ends

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