Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Do It LIke A Robot

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[Verse One]

I made a wish on Aladdin an imaginary menagerie in Manhattan

filled with robots dancin like Michael Jacksons or Janet Jacksons- Control

Ms. Princess that's me, Ms. Princess Fuck you if you nasty

Need 411 son just ask me, I'm everywhere you wanna be

Ring the Bell like Atlantic hard wired round the world I make the crowd get frantic

Let me be candid, I'm pedantic, you might not understand it

I attack but play like Mamet bzz dammit watch your back my brains are damaged

Bionic lady call me Jaime me and Million buck man we gonna save Slim Shady

I'm Crazy my genetic code programmed for robot mode computer human antidote

MP3 LCD's in my BVD's G3 key snot I sneeze

You forgot-Please I remember every number

Buy 1 thousand condoms at Price Club I'm a member


Go baby go baby what! Go baby go baby what! Just do it like a robot

[Verse Two]

Transmission nifty, shift your stick in position in a jiffy

Pop! You missed me, Popcorn maker in my pussy

Like Debussy I kick minuets kicked cigarettes

now I make bigger bets than figureheads

Get down on bigger beds than chickenheads

what I said, Head my letterhead, AC/DC I'm a metalhead

No "Strobelight Ho" but sick in silhouettes

Trained like a track get back exact M.I.T. Lab I'm back

Damn this baby's stacked you want cash I'm NASDAQ

You like that give the pin I'm MAC, I crashed

Mathematical, unflappable never take grammatical sabbaticals

Advance on mechanicals unstoppable I'm topical

Invent new robot shit like butt mixed with popsicle -What?

It's the Babygotbackical

Are you on crack at all? Nah I'm clean squeaky on Ajax

Scratch that I'm on magnets

Doo doo doo do inspect my gadgets

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse Three]

In my stomach, I got a blender, drink lemonade

bend for Bender whims like Wender

You remember the soda vendor you kicked? Get you in December

Data and matter I'm madder than a hatter I gather

Spin letters much faster than Vanna, bananas

Cut tongues like Mick Jagger when I dabble in anger

C'mon gives me kicks I'm a steel chick

Plastic metal unreal chick/I dig

Numbers and engines sprockets and chrome Benzes

Rhodedendrums shear em with x-ray lenses

Senses/don't have em don't want em-fool

Senseless/ don't argue I am programmed to beat you

Teach you a thing or two

About the 20th Century and the 21-

January 1 be the same shit as December 31

And I'm not the one to put the damper

Go party, drink 40's pee your pants with the Pamper

Clothes in the hamper, dried sticky throw-up mouth sore with the canker

By the power of Grayskull I'm the Master of the Universe

I am money, take this bitch to the banker

I am money, take this bitch to the banker

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