Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Bump Your Ass off!

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(feat. Brock, Chess-T-Bunz, Slick Muffins)

[Verse One: Chess-T-BunZ]

Me and my girls were looking for the party

Sippin on Shirls, Cherry 7, no Bacardi

There's that new club in town (the Ass Palace)

Word, and they patted us down

Looked around crazy lights flash fog on the ground

The place was weird and it gets weirder still for real

On the Ceil, I couldnt tell but

Floatin there, a girl in some fake ass Gucci underwear

Naked, gold skin bare

Aint no joke (Did you toke?)

Nah I didnt smoke, she spoke, told us to take our pants off

I'm like Nope! Everyone was trance dancin with their hands up

I still had my pants up But then she go.

[Verse Two: Princess Superstar]

Sweep your feet with the beat unique get what you really need

Follow the beat faster than Superman speed

Rock the beat shakin the butt on the cuts

Beat it Billy Jean beat on the butt

Simon says "Get the fuck up!"

My Pharoah Monchi chi

How you soft and cuddly

Pourin all them big boobed bitches bubbly

Shake funnily

Nuff bitch for two chew chew bless you twin boo how they call me?

Peppermint Doubly

[Chorus: Slick Muffins]

Everybody get up

Take your pants off

Everybody get up

Bump your ass off

Bump bump your ass off

[Verse Three: Princess Superstar (Chess-T-Bunz)]

Check the panoply, a bubbly butt in the back of me

Cacophony of butt smacks 'n happy cackiling

Ass grappeling All happening while I'm didact-a-ing

Keep practicing (What she sayin?)

Stop thinkin, just dig in

Chess-T-shake your Big-uns

It's just the beginnin remove linens all the womens

Grab your men 'ns freak like Richard Simmons

No time to be timids Don't limit your image

Get lucky bump at home at your cribbage

C'mon get a move on

Get your groove on

This aint the right song

To leave no pants on

Hit em with a hee haw on the beat

Year God

Damn, nice to meet ya!

[Chorus: Slick Muffins]

[Verse Four: Princess Superstar]

Alright, it's time to learn a new dance now

Get yourself a partner

ow I want one partner to turn away the opposite direction

Partner #1 grab one of partner number 2's buttcheeks with one hand

Now cross over the other hand and grab the other buttcheek

And now move it in time with the trumpet

Candy cone lick it til it's gone

Kick it take it home smack it Kit Kat

Hang the phone hit that drive it home

When I say it's on then it's on

When I take it home then you best be on, dance c'mon

Body shakin you achin want you all to get naked

While I'm makin and takin your body

Breakin your body wit naughty keepin the party hearty

Hey Smartie roll up your sweet ass and party

Aint nothin wrong House music ALL NIGHT LONG

Go Chess-T Go Chess-T Go Chess-T!

Take a look at who you dancin with

Tell em who you gonna do it with

Tell em I'm gonna do ya!

[Verse Five: Brock]

When Brock's in the club

Getting lots of the love

From the sluts with the butts that be stuck on the drugs

I see you on the dance floor looking all stuck

Now you awestruck cuz Brock got pull like a fuckin small truck

Meet me at the bar so we can have a few drinks

Just see how you think and why you actin all stink

Then hit the dance floor after we buy out the bar

Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night like El Debarge

Your hips is nice and your tits is all soft

But girl I wanna see you with your pants off

[Outro: Princess Superstar]

Go Chess-T!

Poke me mon, all this booty - you gotta catch it all!!

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