Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter

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Babysitting sucks but whatever they got junk food, kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dog


And a hot Jew, Mr. Weintraub, I mean he's old but not dimed out

If I'm bad I'll turn around in the corner for Time Out

Aight Josh what you wanna do? You wanna watch cartoons?

HBO got Platoon, hey get back in the room!

I assume your folks are gonna be out late, go make me Kool Aid

I'm a sit on the couch and masturbate then call my boyfriend Gabe and see if he ate

Spit out my Bubbalicious and get to one of them big fridges that could fit 10 midgets

Damn they're rich, hey she left me fifty dishes-bitch!

Let's try on ya mom's minks think she'll miss these Chanel links?

In high heels you look like Jar Jar Binks- go play under the sink

(I want my mommy and daddy!) I want your daddy as well

But if you tell, you'll die of sickle cell and God told me you're goin straight to hell

Well if you don't like it I can leave and then you'll be alone believe me that's what the

creepy monsters want

Plus I'll be taking your TV

Put on your jammers and don't wet the bed I got a camera

I'll take a picture and show that little girl you like Sarah

Oh and one more thing- there's been several mass murderers spotted in the area

I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower, Woo! I'm makin 6 bucks an hour

Let's make Fluffernutters don't fuckin utter another peep

I'll take the cookie cutter make star cookies outta ya skin while you sleep

Keep still, I gotta check the bathroom cabinet hey what are these pills?

I'll take the Valium Josh you take a bag and the Tagament

Stop throwin up I'm not paid enough you clean up the rug

Is that Fluff? I told you 6 boxes of unmade Jell-O was too much All right kid you gotta go to

bed, I know its only 6 but my boy just came over and he wants me to give him head

Sit his bare ass on the couch where you watch Small Wonder

Next time you see Vicky the spot'll be sticky cuz I sucked his dicky and used your mom's


Don't worry I'll put it back in the Frigidaire

Scared? You can have it for supper nice and crisp in the Tupperware

No bedtime story, Gabe get off you're so horny!

Josh get in bed and Freddie Krueger might let you see your mom in the mornin

No porn and shut the shade Gabe-

One day you'll know how nice it is to get laid while you gettin paid

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