Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Another Day

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Sittin here chillin with my Cream o Wheat

I got Dearfoam slippers adornin my tiny feet

Freezin cold chillin cuz they turned off my heat

You know I'm screamin at the landlord, Pete

You know I just got fired from the Chinese Restaurant

Told you I was working hard fto buy stuff that I ain't got

So I found another job you know it's all the same

Now I'm dressin like a chump playin the 9-5 lame

Now it's 9:03 am and I'm behind the desk

So damn bored so I'm thinkin bout sex

And tryin to remember I'm a superstar

Knowin' my success won't be that far away

Another Day

Another Day

Pantyhose itchin up my legs and shit

Stretchin on the swivel chair, yeah that's where I sit

And the grub from the telephone is makin' me a new zit

Boss is yellin for some coffee here's my gat and clip

Another Day

Another Day

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