Prince Greg

Prince Greg - S U P R E M A C Y

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Comin' from nuttin', bottom of the map, poppin' gandja

Learn to shine, children of the floor, the summers

He lookin' at me like 'momma, it's a monsta'

It's just me and I only want to conquer

We was born yung lions, that's what we is

But our stomachs learn to growl before we did

Young warriors, we so glorious

The hatin' didn't affect me, nigga, bring more of it

It's like it only double my strength

And you wasn't even half of what I was before this

Niggas 90% of what I was before that

And that was way before I knew I could rap

Fuck what you think about that?

When I eat then we all havin' dinner

Cut up the the roalf like a dolla in a blender

It's love and loyalty ova all

Put two L's in the amp of my dawgs

I'm the story of the chosen one that chose the above

Neva scared, I stand strong like I'm takin' the charge

Now I say too much like I'm bitin' in charge

But when the hammer bang, problems resolved

My god, please don't take me there, change directions

Destinations - all this time I've spent, preparations

The sun don't shine for eva, and it don't rain for eva

So it's don't get betta and what's betta than that?

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