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I sold me a half nigga

Now, I'm gon to get a bundle a bundle a bundle

Just give me some heroin

I need it in my life

Nigga I'm reachin bad

For that undertaker let me get before I get mad

That straight up powder got me fucked up

Duckin now I'm fucked up

I need some dope that fire brown stuff

Open the bag and let me get mine

Some of that Mexican Mudd, before I buzz

Pass my straw so I can get high

Me I feel like I can flizy

I don't know the reason why

I feel like I can never ever die

That cocaine powder be havin me bailin

Cause ain't no white dope, no white coke

Gon be better than that inhailin

I'm sellin quarters just to get some

Some of that gangsta dope

Go down my throat

And have buckin like I'm gon nuts

I'm goin by my old lady shes bitchin

I'm diggin in my pants itchin

Bout to come down with that gangsta sickness

Fuck dis I'm bout to get my swerve on

Swerve on bout a G and get that dope so I can calm my nerves

He was chillin on the phizone

Talkin to my boy Ron

Buckin like a buck off that heroin

[chorus x2]

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