PRIME SUSPECTS - Mac's And Choppers

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[Prime Suspects]


Pack the Lac's with mac's and choppers, it's goin down

Stand tall with your backs against the wall and lay em down

I ain't trippin if I die tonight, my mind ain't right

Down my round and now your family goin bleed tonight [x2]

[New 9]

Pack the Lac's with mac's and choppers, it's goin down

Stand tall with your backs against the wall and lay em down

Get the kids from around because we settin it off

Sawed offs, mac's and choppers, niggas downtown here let's get off

Niggas kill my round so retaliation is what we know

I ain't scared to go, smokin a cho, I'm a let some rounds go

Spittin that and hittin niggas at the same time

My mind kinda fucked up while I'm screamin (what nigga, what nigga)

Out of all the hustles, shit nigga, I picked coke

Nigga tried to rob my nigga, and kill him cause he ain't give him the dope

Now what you know, how you wanna nigga to cope with that

Get the gats, make em rat to the tat tat, cause it's choppers and mac's

Didn't know we was coming back like that quick

Hit you and your partners wig split

So they can't come back and get who did it

All this shit happens uptown cause they kill my round

Shit nigga, pack the Lac with mac's and choppers cause it's going down



Jumping in the hot Lac with a point to prove

Bumpin pass me them things when you see them they lose

Benefit, poppin out the ride I got butterflies

See them scary motherfuckers look em dead in the eye

Uzi man got to touch ya ain't no love for ya

I got the spirit of my nigga laying dead in the gutter

Got the bustin by moon in the broad daylight

Facing life, I'm a soldier willing to die for what's right

Flags spinnin at him, caught four did him wrong

Bust your dome, now I'm breakin, shakin, headin on home

Smokin on that California to relieve my stress

Know them coppers coming at me so I'm wearin my vest



Can it be my life so trife with all the hustles and flights

Shit still ain't right, got me gattin tonight

I gots to take it to you with the head buster let's do this right

My mind set em down bad but the same time I'm hollerin fuckin why

See I moves in the night where shit be kinda tight

Splita splita wig, here I'm fixin to put a niggas life

You had it coming so don't be lookin funny

Nigga ??? rock, now lay it down my only want it

You shot the dice, now we jumpin back up on it

Realizing to yourself you can't fuck with niggas who hungry

Now I'm repped out

Got my name ringin, got your people spooked out

Heard it was niggas in all black steel toes trooped out

Now your in position to feel crushed by niggas too real

Straight warriors, gettin it how they live

[Chorus x2]

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