PRIME SUSPECTS - Liquidation Of The Ghetto

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(feat. Mystikal)

damn, these hard times be more vicious

makin me feel like the liquidation of the ghetto


it's hot around my way

lookin for a better day [x4]

[Prime Suspect #1]

good and bad, right and wrong lurking the land

you choose your fate gracefully

save your soul if you can

life is shorter everyday my nigga make the right moves

choose your hustle spots wisely police give you the blues

lock you up put a strike by your name you on paper

see the white boy be on every money and your paper

put the weed down now cause we face incarceration

stipulations of probation strike two is what you're facin

in the mandatory joes, now you ain't gon bounce

short timin round them lifers hopin that you touch down

if I see the free world again, I'm a ball

put my back up on the wall hopin blessins from the lord

3rd strike twenty to life nigga I choose death

leave a coppers scar wet I ain't aimin for the chest

44 chrome to the dome, uzi man did it

once again Prime Suspect guilty til proven innocent



I'm sweatin cause it's hot and humid outside

the spot where we lay it down

I amplify the city streets and terrorize the underground

nigga respect gangsta and run in the streets they walk on

FBI might finish listenin to the car phone I talk on

waitin on me, wantin me to mess up, put my hands in some dirt

but I'm a legitimate businessman, I sell light green t-shirts

go on officer leave me alone, I ain't be got no weapon

I don't even know what you talkin bout, I be makin records

hits size I'm too busy for this bull and kicks

was it tinted when you pulled this six

over to the side of the road

got my hand on my heater cause I'm tired of you hoes

let the dog sniff my vehicle and my clothes

but I bet I make it home cause you gotta let me go

I'm too cold for an iron box

I need city lights, the projects, and the boondocks


[Prime Suspect #2]

I'm lookin for that wall

so I can put my back up against it

cause it ain't no love from the beginnin to the endin

they got me pledgin the flag that wanna see me doin 10 in

see it's vicious out chea on these 3rd world streets

them people tryin to stop the hustle

but yet they survivor just like me

makin liquidate runnin in them hater streets

so I tell my brother get the cake for me if need be

[Prime Suspect #3]

look let me run into ya'll cause the pilots burnin over

I've been doin the same thing since lil

but now I'm called a soldier

and I'm older and watch fake soldiers transform cause they own

see them same soldiers upstate and they ain't bout no home

why it's already a livin hell for the average thick soldiers

survival of the fittest watch yourself

is what poppa always told me

why we already misled, bustin hot metals

I just need to step back and take a look

cause they liquidatin the ghetto

[chorus until end]

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