Prevent Falls

Prevent Falls - Redeye lyrics

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guess what i just figured out.

i hate every single person.

almost every single soul that lives and breathes and dies.

we turn away.

i hate everyone.

we are above.

the entire human race is so fucking stupid

and it抯 times like this i can抰 go through it.

punch your friend out over shotgun.

maybe that has meaning.

or nina who just ignores me for no goddamned reason.

we turn away.

i hate everyone.

it抯 time i say.

i hate everyone in this whole world has no brain.

and it抯 times like this you drive me insane.

all the beefcake spoiled obnoxious stubborn sensitive intolerable.

superior. i抦 above you. i抦 better than you.

when i don抰 like what you said to me.

wouldn抰 that be so convenient.

if i just let you get away with everything that i think is wrong.

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