Prevent Falls

Prevent Falls - K Consumption lyrics

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congratulations you evolve so things can change.

it's just built a mountain from times we pacified.

anyway you do not know what it's like you've done nothing good in life.

and convinced youself that you're right.

running from your past.

hurting everyone all the way.

you've gone too far and this means war.

i want to watch you fall apart.

this changes everything.

even though we still hate you.

how you can't keep friends.

fucking anyone for your insecurity.

why don't you take you own life.

you will never win.

blaming other for the family you crushed right up your nose.

so next time you try to cope.

i hope this makes you cry.

and you can't ignore the pain.

that comes with drug use and a fucked up family life.

and you don't know who to blame.

well i don't think that's alright.

and you can't ignore me now.

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