Pretty Willie

Pretty Willie - She Got A Man At Home lyrics

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(feat. Omaze)


Pretty Willie...

Look, look

[Chorus: Pretty Willie]

She got a man at home (got a man at home)

That playa always gone (that playa always gone)

That's why she ringin' my phone (that's why she ringin' my phone)

Cause she don't wanna be alone (she don't wanna be alone)

I'm tryin' to tell her that's a no no no no (no no no no)

Noooo, nooo ohh (Noooo, nooo ohh)

Nooooooooo, noo oh no no oh no

[Verse: Pretty Willie]

So I hear ya playa gone, so you callin' me

I knew this stuff was going down, when I checked my caller ID

Caught her crying put your clothes on, and I'm on my way

Gotta let you know it's going down

She said she was tired of all this lying, tired of all this cheating

Tired of being lonely, she tired of misdeceiving

I asked her could I hold, she kindly told me yes

She trying to leave her man because I hear ya the best


[Verse: Pretty Willie]

Now after all that didn't went down, she didn't even call

Actin' like I didn't need her, but deep down it was

I knew I had broke her off, but I questioned myself

Next time I seen her we were off by ourselves

She said she was always thinking of me and what was she to do

I'm chillin' wit my man, and all I want is you

I told her it was over, you don't want to be wrong

Two hours freakin' late and she was ringin' my phone


[Verse: Omaze]

But each mornin' as the sun crept, we overslept

This ordinary moment that's left while we getting' dressed

Forget we interrupted by our last goodbyes

I see the worry in your eyes, confusion makin' you cry

Cause I let you love, but it's him that you wit

No more than lovers we can be and even that's illegitimate

Damn, where do we go from here

Which way do we turn, your well-being is my only concern

And I learned to give you your desire

This ecstasy is testin' me got me getting' higher what I desire

Total dedication but neva neva

Cause every night it's with him that you lay

Yet it's for me that you pray

And they say that's it's all just a part of the game

Everytime you find the right one she's stuck with a lame

Damn shame we can never be one

And we both know this, but the passion when we smashin' ???

It help to keep them ??? hopeless


[Pretty Willie talking]

Yea, uh uh


I'm tellin' y'all look...

If y'all ain't gunna take care of your girl

A playa like Pretty Willie will [laughing]

Yea... uh, just keep it real (uh, yea)

Cause a lot a y'all gun neglect her

But it take a pretty boy like me...

To just step into place

So, spend a little time playboy

You'll be all good, don't let a playa like me get her

Fo real... Suella

JL... Frontline


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