Pretty Willie

Pretty Willie - Lay Ya Body Down Lyrics lyrics

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Lay yo body down

And let me touch yo body

And you know it's going down

Cuz ain't nobody here to stop me

And I know you heard about

My freaky reputation

But dont listen to the crowd

becuz you know how they be hatin on me

[Verse 1:]

I know its been a minute since I spent some time wit chu

But what I wanna do is make you scream out oo we oo

No need to rush it mami make everything suitable

Gotta let you know this propositions non refuseable

We gonna play this song right here

So you better get ya body in here

Get comfortable and have no fear

Cuz you know its going down in here



[Verse 2:]

I know you heard about Tameka and Teresa, Wo',

Stephanie, Candy, Talisha, Jazmyn, and Leslie too

Why don't you tell me what the fuck that got to do wit you

You seem uncertain ma so why dont I give you a clue

I'll kiss it where the sun don't shine after that mami than you do mine

Turn it over let me see it from behind

You'll call the coroner after this crime so



Yeah,it's ya boy, young pretty, this one here fellaz for yo lady

so like I told you on the last one, watch yo girl dawg,

oo we oo


Can't nobody do it like I do

(Can't nobody do it like I do)

It don't matter what you thinkin imma be wit you

Oh Baby

[Chorus out]

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