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Pretty Willie - All I Want For Christmas lyrics

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[Verse 1:]

It's Christmas time and it's time for loving, I am just so proud to be with you, And you gone be the dinner can't wait to touch it, Grab the mistletoe and put it right above you, We dont need rudolf for directions, Make a left on love you'll be right with me, And I know I done some wrong but i learned my lesson, You're the only one I want and need so


All I want for christmas is some love from you (love from you), do all the things I don't normally do, cos' its the holiday and I'm in love with you (love with you) I could prove it better if I touch you (hold you). All I want for christmas is love from you(love from you) do all the things i know only you could, its the holiday and im in love with you (love with you), i could prove it better if i touch you (hold you)

[Verse 2:]

So you look so well (so well)

Smell so well (so well)

Love is on the way (love is on the way)

And you treat me well (treat me well)

And i can tell (i can tell)

Tonight girl you gone stay pretty baby,

So come a little closer and i'll play santa, your every wish is my command, you been a bad girl but it really dont matter, all i can do is forgive and forget, so lets dim the lights and light a candle, a toast for our love just you and me, and dont worry 'bout a gift cause you're all i can handle, just lay your body down and i'll be pleased


[Verse 3:]

Let me love you down

Baby its gone be so right

Let me love you down

Holidays gone feel so right


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