Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky - Puddles

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Ooh, ooh, you ain’t gotta say too much to me yeah

Cuz I know how to get you body wet for me

When I go down

I’mma have your body weak leave a puddle in the streets

When I’ll go down

And baby I’mma keep it coming all night

Taking over


The way you leave a puddle in the sheets

Got me feeling like I’m on a beach

Got you bent over on the seats

Like a scuvadiving, I rather go deep

But really the thing gonna drip it

Hard so in the way I will still grip it

Smell like fruit let the nigga zip it

Taste like fruit and it’s in the kitchen

Soon the covers got me cuz you would take better

Every time I fuck her, she ask me if I love her and I told her: Hell yeah!

I don’t even stuck, got my lain test on

Cuz I’m better than a motherfucker

Open up let me grab you, focus,

Show this on like super soakers

Met her in the ATA, let’s strug it

Should be leading that hit, let’s focus



Lay, lay you down now, let me put my hands down there

Wet, wet, girl you so wet, I don’t want no choice just take it on my face

And take it over

I know it girl, you ain’t never been so wet

Uuh, uuh I got you like uuh,

I do the things a nigga never do to you


I’mma have that all girl no lie

I’mma lay you down before I dig it down

I’mma link all that right

You the rave to the foot to the head and back

Bring that so right now bring that ass right

Now throw that ass right

Or I get that ass fine

We gonna do this shit like it’s a moving

It will take but a little bit from this all

And when they get that juicy I can manner put that motherfucker

To this and be the all me

The old skill got that old skill

Got that all bitch and I hit that bitch

They like how that bitch like ooh shit


Can get you better, spectacular amill for selling my nigga with my tongue

While I’m groping the hips and kissing the lips we all want

We want all from years and _____(?)

That last girl make it good, fuck around they got a new cause

So pretty girl just hush

You ain’t gotta say much, relax it ain’t no rush

Let me get it play from the guts, fatty and got you up

Like my chopper you gonna bust

Like this one, like this tape

I suck her on naked, now she call and spank

You ain’t never gonna be tag as I got a place for you, sit down

You feeling freaky, wanna get up wage

Just call me, I’ll be your skimming time

I’m on the road, I fly in

We gonna bring the car ,we gonna bring out

My favorite girl in the whole world

I love you baby, you get that

They don’t know when you fall off

Been dug and when you bang now

See baby blue in that bang hill

And it ain’t fucking will slick my house

You doin’ shows on the road, I hit you when I touch back down

Bitch you back down, to you back down

Why I pleasure pea in the back ground


Thanks to jaiee for correcting these lyrics

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