Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky - Lingerie

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Yo This Yo boi Pleasure

Providing pleasure

To all you sexy ladies

In your silk and your lace

And your lingerie

Dont forget your pumps

And your lipgloss

All that good stuff

Light the candles baby

Cause Pleasures here

[Verse 1:]

On the phone (on the phone),

With you girl (with you girl)

Just now leaving (just now leaving)

The studio (the studio)

I know it is (I know it is)

After hours (after hours)

Please get up (please get up)

Jump in the shower (jump in the shower)

Rub some lotion (rub some lotion)

On your body (on your body)

Then throw on (then throw on)

Something sexy(something sexy)

I know you got it(know you got it)

In your closet(in your closet)

Maybe in yur dresser(maybe in yuor dresser)

Make it special(make it special)


Throw on some lingerie baby

Im talking about silk and lace baby

we can do it all night

we can do the slow grind, we can do the slow grind[x2]


slow motion(slow motion) on you girl(on you girl)

slow motion(slow motion) on you girl(on you girl)

roller coastin'(roller coastin') on you girl

i want to take you up and down like a merry-go-round [x2]

[Chorus x4]

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