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Prairie Home Companion movie - Guy's Shoes

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More show in just a moment<br>

But let's come in here now with a word about shoes<br>

Guy's Shoes, <br>

That's guy's shoes, boys <br>


Talkin shoes, talkin guys<br>

Any two, any size<br>

From your ankles to your toes<br>

At the bottom of your clothes<br>

You're talkin shoes, talkin guys <br>



Yes, guy's shoes, they're made to last<br>

Ask about those guy's cash shoes <br>

With the hole in the soles <br>

You stash your cash when you're out on the trail<br>

Isn't that right, Lefty <br>



That's where I keep mine, GK <br>


All right <br>


Let's welcome em now, the old trailhands here<br>

The paco bells of the prairie<br>

The Bronsons of the bunkhouse<br>

Here they are Dusty and lefty <br>


One, two, you know what to do <br>


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