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(feat. Ant Banks, Too $hort)


Ant Banks! I met this girl (What?) This little light-skinned

girl from 90th and Bancroft, little sexy, light-skinned freaky

little broad, man

[Ant Banks]

I got a ho on 91st, man, what? What's up with that?

[P] Man her name Racia?

[A] Huh, that's my bitch, man

[P] That's my bitch, man

[A] You fool, that's my bitch, we gon' fight in this motherfucker

That's my bitch

[P] Fuck that, check this out, man


I met the bitch so I took her out

From McDonald's to the goddamn house

Go in the movies started drinking ?Reunidi?

My dick stuck in some pussy is all that I'll be needing

Racia'll make your toes curl up

While she's licking your ass with her tongue up your butt

Fuck around, she'll put ice on her tongue

And suck your dick, til your balls get numb

I got hooked, by my homie Jamal

Handed me a number, said "Pooh give that bitch a call"

I called the bitch, let her ride my dick

She tried to be slick, but the ho ain't shit but a trip

The pussy's good but the head is better

She wanted to fuck Plan B so I let her

She got some partners like Trichel and Sharell

Another bitch named Savor from Favor

The type of bitches I talk bad about

Quickly fuck, get dressed, and get the fuck out

But good is good and my game is thick

You can fuck all you want, Ant Banks, but Racia is my bitch

[Ant Banks]

That's my bitch, man I'm telling you, that's my bitch

Peep this out, boy

Now Racia is my bitch, and every time I see her

I twitch, and think about how she iced those lips

On my dick and jacked me like a rabbit

She's a veteran at it, I just let her have it

Cause she swallows it all like a champ

Licks my dick like a brand-new stamp

Sticks her face in my ass and dismantles it

She ain't your bitch, Pooh, you can't handle it

Cause she's the type Pooh likes at first glance

She waits for Ant Banks to wax that ass, huh

See I'm telling you Pooh like this

Racia's a ho, man, but she's still my bitch

[Too $hort]

Yeah man, all that shit sounds real good but you know what?

Now take my bitch, I guess y'all fools don't know

Racia, that's $hort Dog's ho

I've been fucking since '84

And in the '90 that bitch is tore

I'm straight macking that bitch

But don't trip cause she'll suck your dick

One by one she'll just lick and lick

I treat bitches like hoes so just pay up, trick

Cause Racia, she don't like 'em small

She likes big dicks, and big balls

That's my kinda ho

She gave me head in my 5-0-0

S-E-L, Mercedes Benz

I'm even pimping that bitch's friends

So don't be juiced cause she gave you the cock

She fucked me and my homie Jock

Racia, she got a rep from fucking the clique

But she's still my bitch

[A] Man I'm telling y'all, that's my bitch

[P] That still be my bitch, man!

Ain't no way in the world somebody can tell me it ain't my bitch

[A] Fuck all y'all, just fuck all y'all

I'm about to go fuck her right now? What's up what's up?

I'm about to go fuck her right now!

[T] I fucked her four times in two minutes, already

[A] But hey, Racia, you everybody's a bitch

"Bitch!" "Call her a bitch!" [x4]

Thanks to Terrell Hooker for these lyrics

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