POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Niggas Ain't Playin'

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As a youngster, I slanged cain, gangbanged

Not a worry in the world, I'm all about money, man

Getting my grind on was all my mind was on

Making a grip, nigga, my money was on

Double back pulling nothing but mail, fuck a briefcase

Rolex watch with the diamond-studded face

More Benzes than a dealership

Slant-nose Porche with the whole damn kit

Slanging more keys than the older players

D.A. was on my dick but a real nigga didn't care

They kicked in my door a million times

And fine-ass bitches was all that they'd ever find

Treated me like Vaseline, but quick as a fox

Drop a key for 25 like they was hot

Fools was jealous, I had too many tricks

Fuck a playa hater, cause I was all about real niggas

Niggas like John-John, the boy from the deuce side

O.G. motherfuckers like Daddy G and Clyde

They gave me the game to survive, oppenents gonna die

Fuck him and his family, let the motherfuckers cry

Nigga caught a bullet cause it wasn't my dope he was selling

So I shot him behind me, death was trailing

Always asking myself, who would be next, bitch?

Gotta wear a vest cause I paranoid as shit

I gotta survive, I gotta survive, I gotta survive

Who wants to know I wanna die?

But the only way I'm going out is spraying

Because the niggas from the deuce ain't playing

From my way up in the dope game, I met a lot of stops

I got into some funk, one of my boys got shot

Some fool was on my turf selling dope that wasn't mine

I'm a gangsta, I mean problem with nines

It never mattered that I knew the fool a long time

Cross me once and death is all you'll find

But this here will be my last hit

To use a gun, it really didn't take shit

We did it, we did it, we did it, we done it

Mossberg street sweeper, I pumped it

Unloaded all 15 rounds

As I shot and I shot, niggas went down

Bullets flying, niggas dying, but I ain't trippin

I caught a fool with the back bitch slippin

Pulled out the nine and I popped him 4 times

Now let's see your black ass cry

He looked at me with on his ass and said

"Fuck you!" (gunshot) Nigga fuck you, too!

The hit was on and it was time to go

So I stood in my stide, jumped in the K5

Come on niggas, come on niggas, come on niggas

I'm a business man, I can't stand bullshitters

I hate to cause your family dismay

But plain and simple nigga, we don't play

I went 5150 when we lost my nigga Bruce

27 shots from a clip, getting loose

For real motherfuckers, I was sharpening my shooting skills

Hella mad nightly, shooting motherfuckers at will

CTE, I got nothing to lose

And a hell of a lot to gain, by killing you

A thrill killa from the heart of real killers know

In order to give I might have to take a blow

It's kind of cold that you lost your brother

But we still lost Bruce, motherfucker

Tomorrow ain't promised a gangsta good luck

Just a bullet motherfucker, cause death is a must

As I bust, squeezing on my nine on your block

Doing what I feel I gotta do to watch your ass drop

And if your punk-ass bitch is in my way

Let the stanky-pussy bitch meet my motherfucking AK

Making moves for money, ain't no delaying

It's '91, and the nigga named Pooh, he ain't playing

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