POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Menace 2 Society

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Gettin straight to the motherfuckin point

The bitchs the hoes the money and the dank joints

A young player but nothing with heart

He wouldn't think twice about tearing your ass apart

I'm from the gutter motherfucker

So I hang around with gutter brothers

Fuck around and get your punk ass smothered

Ain't nothing but a homside

Fool you wanna ride

Let the bullets glide when you do a drive-by

Body's dropped from one corner to the next nigga

And it's Pooh's finger on the trigger

What's that you claming is irreverent foo

What you said about my crew was'nt even cool

So I am gonna point the glock at your temple

And burst that motherfucker like a pimple

And did ya ask me and I might say fire

Smear death on your ass

How the fuck you going survive

See I ain't trippin on funk

Fuck the trunk on my lap

It's the 12 gauge punk

So come on nigga if you want to try me

And find out where I got the title

Menance 2 society


Menace 2 society



Hop in my K-5

Now I am riding through my hood

I am always strapped

Cuz nigga's would jack me if they could

See my cousin asked so I stopped

Grabbed my glock

Got out and kicked it on the block

Smokin dank and shakin the ivory

Seems I'm kickin it but this nigga wanted to try me

Nigga fade me a temple but I ain't no joke

Tennessee title in the dope

Now it's money on hoe

But he stuck his foot on the cash cuz he bigger

But ain't shit bigger than a 4-5 glock trigger

Nigga pay up but you gotta

But you gotta break off everything you got

From your nikes to you jacket to your watch

Take what's mine no nigga I ain't haven it

Gimmie what's mine or I am puttin you in a casket

I'm from the deuce nigga home of the player

I'll put a hole in your chest punk and would'nt even care

Fool's must of thought I was jokin

Stuck five in his motherfuckin chest and my glock smokin

Fool should'nt of tried me

Found out why the called Pooh-Man a Menance 2 society


Menace 2 society



See motherfuckers they be faking it

But your life ain't shit to me (I'll take it)

Fools front and believe me I saw

But what cha feel like is my glock pressed up to your jaw

In '93 I am setting laws don't doubt it

And if you ever seen my gat you live to did'nt live to tell about it

Full clips and shitloads of bills

And if I coming like that somebody's gettin killed

1-87 is my course

Spray up your whole motherfucking crew without a grain of remorse

And I ain't tripped no jail

Cuz if I'm going by myself who the fuck going to tell

Nothing left but a cross and yellow tape

Next I see these niggas it'll be at a wake

So run them right besides me

And try me nigga but I'm a Menance 2 society


Menace 2 society



Hey man check this out

You ever stuck a bullet in a motherfuckers chest?

You ever watch a motherfuckers brains

fly out the back of his motherfucking head?

It happens like that partna

It ain't like you see in the movies

Motherfuckers die out here

And it be the motherfuckers like me who be doing it

Other motherfuckers just rap about it

Motherfuckers like me live this shit everyday

It ain't phony partna he way we live out here partna

live or die kill or be killed

So motherfuckers gotta understand you know

I'll be whatever you want me to be

But out here

I'm a menance 2 society motherfuckin society

If a nigga want some of this he can have it

And I'm gonna give him every bit of it all at once

At the same motherfuckin time

It go like that and that's how its goin have to be

But motherfuckers be faking it

Kill a motherfucker and see how it feels

And you will realize when you kill a motherfucker

And get caught you gotta do time

[fades until end]

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