POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - In The Gutter

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[kicking down a door]

[Pooh-Man] Bitch where the motherfuckin son at?

[Too $hort's Bitch] He not here ahhh it hurts!

[Pooh-Man] Old Skool get this bitch eh! where $hort at?

[Too $hort's Bitch] Pooh he's not here I don't know

[Pooh-Man] Give that nigga a message bitch!


Ain't No Love $hort

We be takin shit in '94

In the deuce we ain't bullshittin

I want it all

I want your jewelry, your motherfuckin car

I want your whole safe nigga

Yeah take off the motherfuckin Nikes

What are they Fila

Take the motherfuckers off mark

[Verse 1: Pooh-Man]

Grab my coat and my motherfuckin glock

Now I'm headed out the door to the motherfuckin spot

Got a G bundle for the brothers who be slanging

And an extra clip in my coat for foo's who be banging

The town of macks is gettin way hot now

Police be tappin my phone and getting me locked down

But it's an everyday thang if you slang

20 zips gone in a matter of an hour man

But I stay skeptic about fools that I deal with

You slip once you get your cap peeled real quick

Cuz nigga's are shistey as fuck!

Going to drop off some yeh and your ass jacked the fuck up

By some nigga's that you know baby

Cuz most nigga's on your block straight be shady

Out to get a grip no matter what it takes

Make a mistake and find your ass dead in a fuckin lake

With bullet holes in your body

Because you ran into the neighbor hood John Gotte

Faulty as hell ass brother

Yeah just anther damn day in the gutter


You nigga's got something I want

I'm taken it I give a fuck where your from mark

That's right nigga

Motherfuckers like us be takin shit in '94

7 deuce in the motherfuckin house beyatch

What the deuce look like nigga

Any nigga I tell is a fake ass studio gangsta

Leave the punk ass shit behind ya boy

Come to the deuce and find out what it's all about punk

[Verse 2: Pooh-Man]

Anther jack move anther nigga to get with

Up in Milwaukee with mighty on the mark us

They gotta look with 100K with ease

So we kicked in his door and put him on his knees

Open your safe or loose your face

And turn it to 11 to a motherfucking murder case

He opened the safe and accepted the loss

But the fool seen my face so I had to tear his off

125K made in one motherfuckin day

Back to the house to split the cash

It equaled out to about 41 G's and a half

Money seen money gone brother

Mighty Mone just looked and said just a dead motherfucka

Yeah you punk ass nigga

Don't get into the game if you can't stand the heat killa

Cuz real players know

That there's always a nigga who will jack you for your cash-flo

And you just met the brother

And he's straight from the motherfuckin gutter


Yeah you nigga want some motherfucking funk

The bottom line is this you can meet the T *gun cocks*

And after that it's all the fuck over with

What that deuce look like nigga (what it look like)

Yeah we be puttin nigga's on there mothafuckin backsides

[Verse 3: Pooh-Man]

Back in Cali at my mama's

And already got involved in some motherfuckin drama

Mom's said Moe called he needs you to page him

Some foo's in a Mustang GT tried to blaze him

So I hit him up on his pager

He answered me quick

And I'm like so what sup player

The funk is on once again

Break out the Thompsons, the AK's and the Mack 10's

I called up Antoine and Old Skool

Meet me at the spot you know this fools ain't cool

Hopped in the national and got sideways to the curb

Picked up Mellow with Moe Betta on 83rd

They filled me on the way

While Moe Betta slowly loaded up the AK

Told me Moe was at some bitchs house

They came in and damn blew out my partner brains out

But he got off fast

And put 1 outta of 2 on there motherfuckin ass

As we was talkin we spotted the brothers

Cut off the lights


Just anther day in the gutter

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