POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Gangsta

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Woke up in the morning, threw on my black suit

Time to pay respects to a player from my crew

He got caught up and paid with his life

Slipping on the block on the late night

Now everybody's at his funeral with tears in their eyes

Wonder why my homie had to die

Just another one of my dead friends

And all that's on my mind is getting revenge

Kissed my playa on his cheek

And whispered in his ear "I love you and rest in peace"

But for me, the funk is on

I'm strapped with my chrome from dusk til dawn

And you can run but you can't hide, fell me?

So when you get your first glance, you'd best to kill me

Cause I'm out to gets you, pranksta

And you know you can't fade a gangsta

They try to tell me revenge is the wrong way

But that ain't what my comrades would say

And if it was Pooh, laying in the casket

Somebody would be getting they punk ass blasted

I'm riding strapped in the LTD

Ready to put some punks to sleep

Tears filled Antione's eyes

As he thinks of the way my homie died

AK's across my lap

And it's on with the mini 14 in the back

The Angel of Death's on a mission

I want your life nigga, fuck sqaushing shit

And as far as the toll goes

Nigga you can talk to these motherfucking bullet holes

Now the deuce is out to hang ya

And we ain't shit but gangstas

Now we know for sure who pulled the trigga

Fake-ass nigga

So we kicked in his mom's door at home

And find her old ass there all alone

She gave up his number and all

So I gave his mark ass a call

Look punk, we got your momma

And she'll be dead on arrival if you don't cut the drama

You killed my partner so I gots to kill you

And I'm a do what I have to

This wrinkled-up bitch, you'll find her in a ditch

If your ass don't get here quick

I'm getting tired of your drama

Now ask yourself nigga, do you love your momma?

Cause she's abouts to die, pranksta

Cause that's what you get when you fucks with a gangsta

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