POOH-MAN (MC POOH) - Funky As I Wanna Be

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Something kinda smooth, on the mellow tip

Seeking deeper and deeper, you just might slip

Into a trance, mind going slow

Didn't wanna curse so they'll pump it on the radio

Called up Banks on the GTE mobil

Well it's about 9:00, yo Ant I'll be over

Searching through some records from way back when

Found something smooth, and yo Ant give it a spin

Thought of something cool, rhymes definitely pumpin'

Bassline groove and kick drum thumpin'

Using my mind like a Webster encylcopedia

Pooh-Man is selling out and this is for the media

A little something, from the Mack to the Oaktown

To the papers who keep putting our names down

Short Short but Funky, Dangerous Dame

En Vouge and the Toni's just to add some names

Can't forget Pebbles, Sly and Larry Graham

And yours truly, MC Pooh-Man

Oaktown is on the rise, and I knew you'd ever see

We just funky as ahhhhh, we wanna be

First rhyme, just on the PG

Going through history and fools can't get with me

Looking fake, perpetrating rappers every day

Misguided brothers without nothing to say

All kind of critic say we diss mentality

But don't they know that "Rated R" is "Reality?"

My other homeboy said "Kill At Will"

That's the way we live and we know it's real

My boy from the east said "Fear of a Black Planet"

I know a certain race that couldn't understand it

To see a black man clocking fat grands

To a grafted devil, it's hard to understand

But I'm an artist, begging your pardon

Used to be small, but my pockets are enlarging

Straight from the streets, I use game as a weapon

You ask "What is game?" But fool keep stepping

But I'm a keep rolling, Ant Banks and me

And I'm a come, Funky as I Wanna Be

Rap's going, I be flowing something different

Something mellow, cool with an accent

Kind of tender like Ant Banks' girlfriend

I changed the style, something they couldn't comprehend

Ant said "Pooh, let's make it kind of serious"

Not funny, just to make the money

Say I'm a pro and I can flow with the best of 'em

Then say "I be damn" to the rest of 'em

See you're caught up in my rapture cause it's been so long

Let me stop using the bitches' songs

Baby don't like rap, but I like soul

She might listen to my lyrics and lose control

See I'm hard as hell and it could ever be

See I'm F-U-N-K-Y as I wanna be

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