Pomplamoose - Twice As Nice

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The doors will soon be closing<br />

And you'll wonder what's behind them<br />

Who is watching you through tinted windows<br />

Pointing at your funny shoes<br />

<br />

Which way will you choose<br />

To jump aboard and close your books<br />

To take a second look<br />

Well it's all gone<br />

Yes it just faded in a<br />

Blinking of a what is that<br />

I hear another train arriving, <br />

One that's headed north<br />

Carrying people who have jobs and heavy consciences. <br />

<br />

But I think you look nice.<br />

Twice as nice as anybody else.<br />

So please don't lose your mind.<br />

Cause it doesn't belong to anybody else.<br />

No it doesn't belong to anybody else.<br />

<br />

Maybe I should join the multitudes<br />

And climb the rusty mountain<br />

With a good 78 years ahead<br />

Maybe even two<br />

And when I'm through I'll have more money<br />

And a parking spot<br />

And kids who wonder what to make of their fortunate lot.<br />

<br />

I'm afraid you haven't noticed<br />

You forgot to pack your teddy<br />

Or perhaps he wasn't ready<br />

To leave all of it behind.<br />

The trains will keep on running<br />

And they'll still think you look funny<br />

Cause you're wearing your pajamas<br />

And you haven't lost your smile

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