Pomplamoose - Hail Mary

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Oh Mary I'm not coming home too soon.<br />

Tell all our babies that daddy has gone to the moon.<br />

My feet were sold to this winding road.<br />

My feet were sold, baby, long ago.<br />

<br />

Oh Mary I've left you a pile of dough<br />

Under the floor boards near Billy-Joel's radio.<br />

Baby I love you, but there's no chance.<br />

Baby I love you, but where's romance?<br />

<br />

Little Rock, I'm on my way to San Jose, <br />

Driving at 90 an hour.<br />

The Devil knows me.<br />

<br />

Oh Mary I think of your eyes every day.<br />

If I could see them I surely would not run away.<br />

When we were young there was so much time.<br />

When I was young there was so much time.

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