Polly Jean Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey - Nickel Under The Foot lyrics

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Maybe you wonder what it is

Makes people good or bad

Why some guy, an ace without a doubt

Turns out to be a bastard

And the other way about

I'll tell you what i feel

It's just the nickel under the heel

Oh you can live like hearts and flowers

And everyday is a wonderland tour

Oh you can dream and scheme and happily put

And take, take and put

But first be sure

That nickel's under your foot

Go stand on someone's neck while you take him

Cut into somebody's throat as you put

For every dream and scheme, depending on whether

All through the storm

You've kept it warm

That nickel under your foot

And if you're sweet then you'll grow rotten

Your pretty heart covered over with soot

And if for once you're gay and devil-may-care-less

And oh so hot

I'll know you've got

That nickel under your foot

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