Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect - Worst Enemy

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(Verse 1)

Walking down the street

Down across the pavement

Is a punk without a cause

Caught up in unpaid payment

Scraping through the week

Lost in endless poverty

But it's not his fault

Just living how he was brought up to be

Getting yelled at as a kid

For not helping enough around the place

Told to get a job

Only twelve with this kind of crap shoved in his face

But looking at him now

Down across the lonely street

Seeing him in a light

That society brought us up to see and


(You are my) Worst enemy, you brought me down this far

(You are the) Worst tragedy, you brought us down this far

(You define) No clarity, (I dont)x4 Understand

(You are no) Charity, you take it all but I want more

(Verse 2)

Followed him down the street

To see where I'd be led

Down to the grocery store

And people turned there heads to see

A punk without a cause

Here to steal a buck or two

But what you do not see

Is what borught him down is me and you

Pointing fingers in the dark

Till' he thought that's what he really was

Just scum without morals


We say it every day

Right up to his face

The boy takest it to his heart

That's something you cant erase and


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