Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect - The Way We Talked Yesterday

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(Verse 1)

You know I would have called you first


I would have asked you out


You could have cusse me out

Or turned me down

Who knew you felt the same

Well I do now


I miss yesterday

Where I used to listen to everything you had to say

I miss you blue eyes, and your soft white skin

You cutest smile, and your blue hair pin

And the way you walk, oh the way you talk

The way you talked, the way we talked

(Verse 2)

We used to talk every night

On the telephone

Till' you said good night

In your sweetest tone

Then I went to bed

And layed my head

On my beadspread

I swear you were in my head



I can't hear your voice, but talking to me

I can't see your face, but your looking at me

I can't smell your hair, but your killing me

your killing me, your killing me

and i miss yesterday

(i miss yesterday)x31


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