Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect - Seasons

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(Verse 1)

Looking for Apologies

But it's not that, that's bothering me

It's the way our friendship drifted away

After all the bull I had to say

I had to go and take a chance

On this thing they all call romance

I could've asked anybody else

One I could live without

And I look at it as a mistake

Second glances make us look so fake

Was it done the day we met

Or the day I made the bet


I can't help the way I'm feeling

I can't tell you all the reasons

I can't tell if it's hell or healing

I can't stop the changing seasons

(Verse 2)

Waiting for something to do

But it's not that, that's bothering you

It's the way we haven't talked since then

Since the note written in pen

Used to be together, wherever we'd go

You meant more to me than you know

It was so easy

Could talk about anything

Felt so awkard, felt so right

Though we didn't put up much a fight

But who were we to kid

Known each other since we were

(Bridge) x2

Kids, swinging off the monkey bars

Kids, sharing all our candy bars

Kids, passing notes w/o a sound

Kids, running round the playground as

Friends, telling secrets in the dark

Friends, meeting up at the park

Friends, yelling for no reason at

Friends, waiting through the seasons as

(Chorus) x2

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