Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect - How Far We've Come

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We write some lyrics, we make a beat

we start to dance, and we move are feet

the people stand up they start to rock

they all start singing and we get the party going on

We skate to school, we ride on back

We get the radio and play a music track

We dream on, we look ahead

No one could of thought we could’ve been so big

Time moves on, we take a break

Love burns all and hate takes the cake

But we’ll come on back, we’ll rock out loud

Come on dance lil’ girl with your head in the clouds

Two steps left, one step right

Easy there buddy, you’ll end up in a fight

But it’s ok, damn all right

Even I took some punches a day in the life

And I start thinking, what could’ve I done

To make it this far, to live and love

Without my friends, without all you guys

How far we’ve come I’d only fantasize

So I tell you now, hold on to your dreams

So far away, aint that what it seems

But I was there, right where you are

Just don’t let go and remember who you are

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