Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect - 1800

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(Verse 1)

get a call from Dalton

to meet him by the tracks

we skated fast, we lived half @$$ed

but we should have watched our backs

Cause our buddy took a harder hit

fell straight to his back

but we laughed so hard, he ran into a pole

he was as dumb as nails, and thats a fact

kept heading up past the tracks

on the way to school

met up with some chap, kept talking crap

man he was a tool

said he'd skate circles round Dalton

that wasn't cruel

cause Dalton stank, we said no thanks

but Dalton played him like a fool

Dalton did trick after trick, each one of them sick

until the kid, he had no more

the kid said he was done, Dalton said that's no fun

let's play again for four

so they put the money on the table

Dalton did a boneless kickflip off the floor

the kid's mouth was in awe, Dalton went cha cha cha

took the cash, then took a snore


Cause when your, partying on 1800

skating down that crowded road

hanging out on 1800

sneaking out when we got bold

getting drunk on 1800

nothing like we were told

cause when you live on 1800

nothing here ever gets old

(Verse 2)

Got sweet talked by Hannah

to meet her at the park

we headed down, acted like clowns

got there when it was dark

it started off sweet, danced off our feet

the night was a charm

we talked all night, we laughed on sight

girl' we did no harm

but Ticked Tim just rolled on by

asked where you been tonight

so to screw with him, that Ticket Tim

I said we're looking or a fight

he said you better learn respect boy

before you grow older and see ya' not so tight'

I said at least when I get older

I'll be three feet past yer' height'

Tim got red with anger

said go home it's past curfew

I said no it's not, it's 10:30

got a half an hour to

said you better go home boy

cause I don't make the rules

so I sighed, we said goodbye

and I went home the fool


(Verse 3)

woke up late for class

on a Saturday

I got up, Stef said what's up

ya still got two more days

so I jumped in the shower

and got ready anyways

cause today wasn't normal

not like yesterday

So I headed up to Andrews

for the usual weekend plan

whether party all night, or get into a fight

or head up the street to tan

met up with some amigo, wit' a big ego

thought he was some sort of Jackie Chan

said he could beat me down in any town

and he swung his right hand

so I ducked left, then I punched right

hit im' square in the face

his boys jumped in, to help him

he said no this is my case

but a half an hour later

I walked home with a smile

cause that's the last time they mess with me

at least for another while



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