Poison - Lay Your Body Down

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I've spent my life waiting<br>For that famous final scene<br>I believe you know the one--<br>When she falls in love with me<br><br>As for you, you've been fakin' your smile<br>Fillin' your time<br>On small talk<br>And cheap wine<br>Knowing in your heart there was someplace<br>That you'd rather be<br><br>So right or wrong,<br>I wrote you this song<br>To tell you how I feel<br><br>Don't put up no fight<br>You just turn off the lights<br>Walk over here to me<br><br>Chorus:<br>And lay your body down on me<br>Down on me tonight, oh yeah<br>Oh, let your tears fall down on me<br>Down on me tonight, oh yeah<br><br>As for me I've lied to, denied to<br>Fight with, and tried to<br>Apologize for all my ways<br>To all the women who were fool enough to fall<br>In love with me<br><br>You played your role<br>Like a movie<br>Got your lines for who is,<br>Who was, who would be<br>Somehow you lost track<br>While real love slipped away, yeah<br><br>So for tonight, just turn off the lights<br>And let those real feelings show<br>There's no wrong or right<br>But until you try<br>You're never gonna know<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Before you was mine<br>I was so lonely<br>Ain't it a shame<br>Your heart must feel pain<br>Before you get back on your feet again<br><br>Solo<br><br>So let's draw the blinds<br>Forget wasted time<br>And let them old demons die<br>Take ahold of my hand<br>Then you'd understand<br>Why love's worth one more try<br><br>Chorus out

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