Poison - 7 Days Over You

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Well it's friday night and I'm waiting<br>On your call girl, like I do<br>Am I wasting my time by this telephone line<br>Waiting on your call to come through<br><br>Chorus:<br>I should be already over you<br>Tell me mama, what can I do<br>It's been a long hard road that you put me through<br>Seven days over you<br>Seven days, seven days over you<br>Seven days over you<br><br>Kick it<br><br>I kick and fight for you baby<br>But that's never enough for you<br>You've been twisted and torn since the day you were born<br>You make a game of breaking hearts in two<br><br>Now I want to give up but I dig the rush too much<br>I guess that's what love will do<br>So drag your heart-stopping mind trip downtown, girl<br>By friday night I'll find someone new<br><br>Chorus<br>Lord knows what you put me through<br><br>Already over you, tell me mama what can I do (repeat)<br><br>Chorus out

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