Plus One

Plus One - Who Am I

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Written by Jason Perry, Stephanie Lewis, & Phil Silas


Who am I

That You know me by name

That You call me friend

Invite me in

To be with You


I don't know why

You love me this way

'Cause I'm nothing at all

And still You call

And make me new


Even before time began

For me You had a plan

You were shaping my life

In Your hands


Who am I without Your love

I cannot live without Your touch

You hold my hand and walk me through

All I need is You

Who am I without Your love

I cannot breathe without Your touch

You make me complete

I bow at Your feet

For me You came to die

Who am I


You were there

Creating the world

Put the stars in the sky

God of heavenly light

What can I do


Now You're here

With a love that's so real

And I give You my life

As a sacrifice

To honor You


I've overwhelmed and overcome

By what You do

And all You've done


That You count me as one of Your sons



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