Plus One

Plus One - Run To You

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Sometimes when the world

Gets so cold

And my HEART

Is fifteen below

And I feel like I'm

So far from home

I run to you

When life doesn't

Go like I planned

So confused and

I don't understand

It's hard 'cause

It's out of my hands

And this is what i do

When I got

Nothing left to give


I run to you

When I can't find my way

And I get lost in you

When I don't have the faith

When I don't know what to do

I feel I can't make it through

I run to you

So it goes, every life has some rain

Everyone's gotta deal with the pain

But I know how to make it ok

I tell you what I do

When my back's

Up to the wall you know


You are my light

You're my everything

In a place of chaos you're the

One thing that brings me peace

I'll give my HEART, I'll give my all

When I'm beat down

You're always standin' tall

I run to you

I'm so lost in you

When I need you

Oh I need to


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