Plus One

Plus One - I Need A Miracle

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Tell me

What's it gonna take

I'm running out of prayers, Lord

Can't You see I'm helpless

Down here on my knees

I'm begging You please

There's nothing left for me to do

I need a miracle from You


I'm tired of days

That feel like this

When hurt is like a rope

Wrapped around my wrist


I know You're listening

I know it's in Your hands

But still I'm out here in the dark

I just don't understand



I know You're tired

With plans to keep

Off saving someone's life

Or calming stormy seas


But I'm not asking You

To bring me back the moon

All I need is a little help

That can only come from You



How long

Can I go on this way

I need You to plead my case


Woah, and turn this thing around


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