Plumb - My True Love lyrics

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Once upon a time I thought I had it all

Then life just fell apart,t hought I was all alone

I've never been so scared than when I danced with fear

But then You took my hand & it disappeared


Oh there is not anotha that could luv me like You luv me

Oh my God, no, there is not anotha

That could luv me like You luv me

Oh my God


I know You're holdin' me even when I cannot see

Even in my ocean deep, my true luv

I know You're all I need & You won't stop luvn' me

I've never ever been so free, my true luv, my true luv

(Verse 2)

Thought I lost it all, I could barely breathe

Oh, You were all I had

But you were all I need

Oh, all I need




So when I start to break

Or feel unusable

You'll pick the pieces up

And make them beautiful, beautiful

(Pre-Chorus x2)

(Chorus x2)

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