PLANET ASIA - Weight lyrics

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And it don't stop...yeah

[Verse 1:]

What's up world?

Dealin wit deep shit

Inside, I can't hide

It's what I sleep with

I took it upon myself to show my other side

I send this record to the youth

Victimized to abuse

Can't understand it more than those cats whose

-unwise decisions causes war

Internal, external

I broadcast this journal

-for all who walk around deceased

We breathe the air yet in the mind still we can't find peace

There's never peace, it's always war

Feelin sorry for what?!

Presidents and politics before the planet destructs

All mapped out,

Sketched out

-written in Revelation

To the final destination

Heaven on earth is just a mental speculation

His death could be the message of the whole tropical

His life was so powerful

Nothing on earth is more valuable

-than what you become

So get your thinking out the box before you're restin in one

And be free

-no matter the case

Or on the contrary,

My vision's a diary

No one but God can take it from me

So even if I'm on the 'undee'

-makin bad decisions

At least I' got a chance to make a transition

-from USA

Manipulators of the world we know today

It's all bad, but lemme tell you what you wanna know

Yo...ya'll need to wake up


I got weight on ma shoulders that I gotta push

I feel the hatin it done affected a lot of us

It's all bad, and I' even been the one there before

But yo

Lemme tell you what you wanna know [x2]

[Verse 2:]

Ma grandmother always told me,

“Jason, beware of your surroundings

...your friends you're counting on

-could also be your drowning.”

She said, life is journey N we all on ships

So get your ownerships

-before you end up under the ocean of wasted talent

Where the could-have, should-have people sit and mope

My ambition reflects success; to my old folks

-just keep ya head up

It's got to get better

-because it's written

I know sometimes it seems the negativity won't let up

With the natural disasters and plagues

Prostitution and AIDS

Guns, grenades

-man made

These are the last days' norm

Starving children have no homes

While the entertainers watch

With all the millions being made, it should be owned

That's why I emcee only to open

Though this paganism

I blame it on the system

Coz it's more than racism

Watching movies like the matrix

-it's only plain and simple why we livin in

-a world of illusions where everybody praises dividends

But yo...(yo..yo..yo..)

Lemme tell you what you wanna know

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]

I got ma mind focused

No more blind conversations,

For real

Let's build

They' building missiles

-to kill nations

Smiley faces

Quiet maces

Settin up plans for so-called aliens flyin in space-ships

Like while the upper force is tampered

As been my ancestors

Separated through the filth

-so just to only be strong

Before we get there, it won't be long

Striving for better days

-placed to fuel for every hit song

As long as I strive

While I'm alive

I'll find my salvation

For conquering

All goals set to the side,

to raise a consciousness

With one cause and that's

-to be right

Like, towards the east the sky is blue

-and God's the color of night

So it ain't no need for war

-coz it was once one land

-when it began

So recognize the planet's headin for destruction

But yo...

Lemme tell you what you wanna know

[Hook x5]


Black people...

Knowledge, wisdom, understanding...

Man, woman N child...

Food, clothin N shelter...

And it don't stop...

Yo...Lemme tell you what you wanna know.

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