PLANET ASIA - Via Satellite lyrics

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( feat. TzariZM)


Via satellite

Over and over planet Earth

We see all you fake motherfuckers

It’s gone

It’s a natural gas

I am honest

I will smash the minds

Famous from Detroit

You are just a hater

If it’s a chase I’m on a case ,silent

Shooting lasers,not trying to waste time with

So all your stories, we ain’t buying

Cause they know I ain’t lying

These voices are fatal

You are just a replacement

I’m front of them with great skin

Via satellite ,excuse my vital interruption

I’d like to discuss my pain of total destruction

Crack the planet in 2

My men are like electric screensavers

Ready to kick whoever we need

The style is wild

Spill acid on your colon

To balance the body

I’m out of this world

I’m travelling with pears

You’re proud of your girl

She’s riding for sure

And I’mma do it like an astronomical unit

Cause when the night falls, they break fast

Satellite phones to Jones

You hand the mic to him

My niggaz are sure that this win is real

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