PLANET ASIA - Transmit In lyrics

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Ft. TzariZM

(Hook scratches)

Burners in the trench

But I've told you not to play with it

(How the fuck you gon' start with me)

(There's no introductions)

(How the fuck you gon' start)

(Just jump in!)


Hammers with cockback, dollas that crock that

Crowds who rock pack, fossils with top cats

Black tuxedos and tophats

Backwoods and bags, hash blocks tastin' like chocolate

Watch this!

Vigilante come in handy on some tooly shit

Cops tryna play me on some movie shit

This ain't a movie script

Fair fine flights over a new height(?)

Colorful wrist, crayon shit, rainbows radiate

Regulate delegates, overflow the delicate

Exterminate ya with etiquette

The snitch murderer, beats the shop holdin' a chop

The Beaty Cap covers my skull like a burglar

My own purpose is obviously purport, machinery gats

Cash by the stack, showin' niggas the purpose

So stop purpin' before I put the hurtin' on yo person

Quit while you ahead, nigga

Cold turkey

(Hook scratches)

(How the fuck you gon' start with me)

(There's no introductions)

(How the fuck you gon' start)

(Just jump in!)

(Verse 2)

SB patches and kicks, I heat it up like sting fish

Free wishes for this, experience bliss

I'm a lifer, still goin' in hittin' the streets hard

Find me where somebody pluggin' mics up from No Town to O Town bruh

You know it's on, keep it goin'

Sooner or later you'll finally end up in yo town, collectin'

Swervin', block bending, yeah, servant

Even got birds to bring the birds in

The Don, technically advanced like ?

You just a pinball machine doin' digital gong

My dawgs'll eat you, pull out cans of cream and wheat you

Turn yo body into meat suit, ?

What up, peoples, I'm working with the great mind

Don't even worry bout me, y'all, shit is lethal

Peace equal, I'm in this, givin' people the business

To win this, or pure independence


Yeah, that's it!

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