PLANET ASIA - The Professional lyrics

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[Planet Asia]

It's the professional [x3]

Easy now, easy now, easy now

The Architecht-Planet Asia collaboration

Yo I speak in ghetto star gallactics

Reach passes teach the masses

What they need to teach in classes

Bout these fascist self-maskin wealth bastards

I'm way beyond your sixty-thousand entries of speech

My rhymes million man march over beats

Architecht remarkable, we drop the hotness

Dirty hundred-thousand dollar locksmith

Open your conscience

I sneak preview for the evil infiltratin information

Restricted inside the sector

Even if you had a hieroglyphic booby-trap detector

You still couldn't detect

The threat, you best respect my cold to kill nigga debts

I build wit wise guys

Gods and earth, broads and flirts

Frauds, dirt hustlin street niggas that walk they dogs

If I act right, I could probably make black people unite

But some people think that I'm wrong and some people think that I'm right

Deluxe one, be back in seconds though

Show me some love for these acts

My man G-Love just hit me off wit a scratch, it's the professional

[Nas] "Rebel to America" [x7]

[Planet Asia]

First off, I stays flamed in my membrane

When I burst off axis, I shake the earth off

I rush my opponents, and clutch moments

My manufacturing's happening

I keeps it crackin-ing

You know the clock, stop askin-ing why

I got more styles than

One hundred ninety six million nine hundred and forty thousand

Miles of rhymes pile

Call me the time traveller wit the astro

Cuz I'm way past your average savage rapplin assholes

Accurate marks like this, I leave my targets destroyed

Accomplishments of a premeditated language entroy

Since my last jam jumped off, many been stimulated

But I've innovated,

you couldn't believe what I've received and generated

Much to touch, I lust to bust the unknown

Trust in my zone, symbolize without the dust in my dome

I'm super-nice, top notch

Beyond your ice watch

Material serial killers, connect the wet that ass for price drop

Now we movin on 'fore the millennium's changed

Strange times they face my journey but I must maintain

I bust veins on microphones because the soldier gotta train

Just like Ford I Mus-tang

I let my nuts hang, it's the professional

"Rebel to America" [x13]

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