PLANET ASIA - The Essence (feat. TzariZM) lyrics

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What’s up dog?

Glad you all are here with us?

Welcome to another mind session

That side is all rhythm

Eatin’ strawberries with apple cider

Catch a liar

I rap the grime floor

The avenue is found on a tour bus

Come over and shoot her

I got a walking fang

He took a small drag and killed a rat

Don’t lose the toe tag

The floor passin’ with no tag and no swag

Make some noise

My people still in the building?

I’ll be good

I’ll be good

Cut the check because distress can make a nigga…

Bless mines with a fresh mine like morning time

He said I need bigger posters

I swear to God is more than that

I can’t even fuck

I never let my breaks pump

Raise a speech

I have the hand from my trophies

You try to be the player

First she knows he exists

Until they develop,the soul expires

I’ll be yourself

Self is the essence

Self is the essence

Self is the essence

Self is the essence

Self is the essence

I know you all feel this music right?

Just vibe with us

Make some noise you all

My man Calvin on the keys

You know what I’m sayin’?

Show some love

For real

‘til next time you all be safe

And just maintain

You know what I’m sayin’?

Overstayin’ the essence

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