PLANET ASIA - The Barbarian lyrics

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Check out the buffalo fur

Get the engine running

The golden shield

Dirt there, my soiree like 500 pounds

See my fucking arms, nigga

Conan the Barbarian, mission fishing for cake

Dishing away, pitching, there’s no competition

We ignore bombs, starch you with the iron holders

Applying science to these war drums

I come with my partners, some as the archers

Camouflage, dodging in apartments

The last of a living breed

To hold court in the streets just like the Middle East

223s, left ‘em curled up like a centipede

You got your life, niggas, and there’s me

My words is like 20 000 euro jewelry

The writing on the wall read the God’s fury

Dirt bag keep the shit dirty

Your secular styles is worldly, feminine and girly

I do this rapping shit passionately plus masculine

The soul assassin, black masking it

This is California’s finest, home grown District 3

Fresno city, Babylon’s mystery

This is California’s finest, home grown District 3

Fresno city, Babylon’s mystery

Attack of the throne, I’ll never get my gold stones

The chancellor, recognize me by the robe

I’m back in better form, it’s better for ‘em

Watching these pop niggas turn the kettle corn

This ain’t your everyday ABC Sesame Street

Down Syndrome, rap, retarded goon, nigga, program

This is that Asiatic thug shit, international

Selling drugs, busting slug shit

Chicago when you thinking like a rapper

While I’m thinking like Carlo Slim

Sounded like space investments

Peep out the tabernacle testaments

That the hundred year old god came to bless you with

King Tut, my team tough, viral spinning

See the monks every time you see the vinyl spinning

It’s just me and Grace Jones on the chariot

Conan the Barbarian

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