PLANET ASIA - Satellite Channels lyrics

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Ft. TzariZM


Yo, those bitches be in the bathroom sniffin', my nigga

Fo' real!

Yo, in there trippin', my G

Get them bitches outta there, like fo' real


Soul for shice, boss only can trust once

My style? Sum' like Cisko and Gus Blunts

Tracks? I lay some, go 'head, move

Cause if I pull out

You gon' need yo man to pick yo face up

Errbody listen, yo aura ain't official

As my eyes down to the kitchen, my knives is initial

Started at the bottom, dynamite sticks

Dirty licks, stickin' the bootleggers in Harlem

Splash my fashion, early rap all you want

Spit a million barz, still don't change nothin'

Type of man sent to the store for more than 20 items

And when you get back, you just get ignored

I hang around the elders, like grandpa Slick from the Deep

Motown niggas specialize wielders

Paul Dunner and Rum in my passport, raggedy blood stains

Missing scenes from Werewolves in London

British slick with henchman spinnin' from days back

Touraq bells, ?, iced out way caps

I repeat this 100 times, put it on playback

Planet A is the illest, PH is the illest

Turn out spots like gunshots in the ceilin'


Already told you, ten dolla a shot

You ova here servin' these niggas seven dollar a shot, man

We gon' lose money like that

Man, you know I only get this shit once a month from the italians


Man, you gon' have my muthafuckin' jack list

That's comin' out the check

That's comin' out the check

I need all mines

(Verse 2)

Smoking weed all day and all night

(Crash my plane into yo building)

We out here ozone Fernando


I see all the premaddonas is all the bitches they grew up

9 mm. militia, my soldiers' on the film

Ready to kill on battlefields, takin' no prisoners

Take your head off, cut out your eyes while barbarians bring machetes in

Turn your stomach into spaghetti

No negotiations its kamikaze fight to the finish

On the mainline bang mine right to the business

That's where im at with it, fuck love! I'd rather be feared

So the next pussy that front I'm a cut of his ears

I do my enemies like Idi Amin, Sun Tzu when I scheme

Nat Turner and not Martin Luther King

I'm a M16 Lieutenant Green Barret Huey P. type

To snipe a Politician in tinted

With illegal arms, infrared goggles and scopes

Survival knife with the compass, box of bullets and rope

I'm just here to fill the Hood with Hope

Lines flew when they finished

Soon as I take one pull of the dope

In my city I got born like the pope

When I was young in the shake, the mayor used to serve the base heads soap

And get chased back and forth from the park

But if shit got real, you catch it by yourself and let shit spark

The rules of the street: keep tools in the seats

Stay muthafuckin' fly from the jewels to the sneaks

And my dudes gotta eat, ain't nothin' cool, nothin' sweet

You'll be losin' some sleep if you chose to compete



GCM up in da house, nigga, turnin' it out

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