PLANET ASIA - Paper Up (Hustler's Theme) lyrics

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[Planet Asia]


Ye-ye-ye-yeah, ye-ye, ye-yeah

Ah one two


La la la la la LAH, la la-lah

[verse One]

I was chillin on the corner, just me and my fam

And everybody had at least a G in they hand

That's when one of my brothers came with this master plan

He told me, "As' - no more sellin this hand to hand

You got talent then you should use it don't waste it man

There comes a time in your life one must take a stand"

I looked at him and said, "You got me mistaken man

It'll all come in time, just be patient man," but

[Chorus: x2]

My peoples gotta get they paper up

Cause nowadays these streets ain't safe for us

How many more lives they gon' take from us

This life will make you crazy like angel dust

[Verse Two]

I wrote this for my peoples who stay on the grind

The Lord might not come when you call but he's always on time

Like this friend of mine I know who was left behind

Had no one to care so therefore it vexed his mind

But then he transformed his energy, utilized his strength

and took it as a blessing as a part of his identity

No need for worry just keep your pride

Crooked cops on the block with the piece inside, but


[Asia] Now everybody sing it!

[Repeat x4: w/ ad libs]

La la la la la LAH, la la-lah

[Verse Three]

If you ain't got no dough, get your paper up

All the mothers on the Earth, just pray for us

It will be many more lives that they take from us

But in the end there really ain't no escapin us

I used to think that I would end up paperless'

'Til the homies in the hood started cakin up

But I'm an artist, no not as in paintin brush

But a hustler's theme song, your favorite stuff


[Asia] Now everybody sing it!

[Repeat 8X w/ ad libs]

La la la la la LAH, la la-lah

[Planet Asia]


Kutmasta Kurt, Planet Asia, G.C.M.

C. Ayyyy! {?}

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