PLANET ASIA - On The Corner (Part 1) lyrics

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[Planet Asia]

Ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You don't stop what, what what what what (What is that shit?)

What what what what

Yeah yeah yeah yeah (It's that Asia shit)

Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh

Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh

Total concentration, space provided

Give me room to ignite

My body gestures got my brain feelin excited

Settin the formats silent now comprehend this

Universal Yard president

Presentation, all around the earth you feel us lingering

This be the cold shit of course

Cuz I was forced by the streets to rock beats and sell Source

On the avenue, posted like all in your grill

And plus connect the ghetto sections like "What, ya'll wanna build?"

From out the Yard, massive squadron camoflagued in a page

Pass the margin on the paper where the science is staged

I strike like a python, it's the dominant intelligent lifeform

I shine like walkin wit the lights on

Make you forget about what you heard when my mic's on

I write songs for the cats on the corner wit the Nikes on

Dust till dawn, dawn till dust

I will forever represent the Yard, mask the final diamonds indeed

That's true and livin out the actual seed of my daddy's sperm

Came firm once he shot me on the ovaries

I flow degrees overseas

Over these beats, foreign tourin MC, my mind state keeps maturing

I bounce off beats like basketballs on wooden floors

My freestyles foul once cats try to score shots while

Wizard wit words, makin sure my shit's the sureshot

Heard throughout the sector, makin heads want more

The Yard master microphone is on a worldwide tour

Tour, tour, tour, tour

[Chorus x2]

Yo, I'm here to set it on ya, direct from California

Central Valley Agent, Planet Asia's on the corner

Lettin it be known that when it comes to the squad

Mega serious to be the most interesting involved

(We need another blunt man)

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