PLANET ASIA - Nothin' Wrong lyrics

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Yeah, all my hustling niggers, f*ck and catch me,

Tell them I f*ck them ..

I’m doing what I was supposed to do, reals hit.


I was never the one to play my tongue,

‘cause when you fight for fun, plus I’m in an illegal …

..when the night …in.. fool for the brain,

This is finger straight to gangsters,

I kill them and planed, we did it in Spain and helicopters pop it champagne,

A rap to the beat, but I’m not rapping for free,

If you ain’t got scratch the name on knee, asking for me

The rap was born and I was born to splash …the streets,

...drinks, …freaks, to make it finally looking like bad wings,

Honestly, might build the economy,

Which try to be rich and lavish, have a marriage, this is Paris ..,

Understand, my b*tches is the bad of this world,

Don’t give a twist, this is the done and the unbeyonds to make you compromise for,

some from the north brought …

you thought I was gone but I was just chillin’ and ..


Niggers get, get, get my money on,

On the block with the .. to the money law,

And if I get not I know that I’m gone,

But when they catch me I’ll tell them I ain’t doing nothing wrong.

…mathematic curse, ..nurse,

Smart water .., on the top to follow hustle,

..part of the special following scene,

...force, I took the ..start brushing mud on the floor, floor see me .. ...I’m so sick …

….I’m back on my square,

Watch it do … shit ..fighting with…

Real niggers never discuss it…do it in deposit,

...feel it spirit is honest…


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