PLANET ASIA - Nobody Close lyrics

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Ft. TzariZM


This shit right here, mark of the days



Takes the batter, sweet mix ready for cake bacon

Fly like taste makers and space stations

Respect due to the frequent fliers of fire

Out of my mind, I'm dead broke

Rugged and rubbed straight from the sewer maneuver

The king alpha the cream, not the ?

What the fuck you drinkin'?

My dick handle brain thru yo mouth

So when she was done, I told her 'fuck you thinkin?!'

I came to bless one, finnesse one, B-Lane guess one

Champagne bottles and rest ones

Forceville vessels got billings to tech law

The jecks are on top of that, old nigga's collection folded

You played along, it's time we eat

I float my weight around like 'hey yo, this my favorite town this week'

I'm feelin' good even tho shit is bad

I'm in the streets, in the lab with the heat

From the seats of my ?

This is technique, west-east, nod if you're fresh list

Slide up in my muthafuckin' building with death meats

Crew of flesh who do it best, crew of crewlers

The otha niggas like to hoo this, hoo is the muthafuckin' coolest

So fuck you, and yo sucka movement

I get it in like it's nothin' to it

But a bunch of units

Gold chain, we attack

The whole gang, PC or Mac, cocaine beats and crack

You'll get smothered, rara, no hard feelings, my loved one

For turning yo onions into some funions

Just improvise, I'm up to the limit

Scientist puttin' pyramids in the projects like kimmit

I can dummer down and disguise my vision

Keepin' it raw is my religion, that's the law that I'm livin' for

Fuck y'all if y'all don't get it

I don't care, I'mma spit it

This is war, and I'm the man that couldn't make it more clearer


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