PLANET ASIA - No Apologies lyrics

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(ft Raekwon)

Hey, aha!

This is that fly shit, you know what I'm saying?

..rap dynasty ...

Champion belt holders ..did it without a hand

I still remain polo printed

Speaking of the golden... regard, you know we was....

My own flex is like... in artifacts.

A bunch of...but still you ride with ... acting like you're out of your mind

That's the uncle Thomas behavior and furthermore, my niggers ain't rolling

So if you see us, ... niggers should slide

I rode with maniacs, brainiacs....

Think about Gucci, that shit is in all that.

For now I'm in the Philippines...

Be back to the block soon...

That's the type of shit I'm talking about.

The tourists coming soon, for now we're in the streets

Eating up... prepare to go to war...

Lil brother, what's the sign?

You could come to the yard,

I got you in the hood, do whatever...

We made you fly niggers... is nothing

Press a button, watch me...

I'm all on your bead like you're dead

... word to my mother, this is legend, a star, homie!

... try to stay on point like...

Don't ever underestimate the competition, this is important!

I'm your brother doing my way, the dumb way, Yves Saint Laurent way

Gimmie your palm, the fire warm!

..on the low ... the big shit

...the homies... to analyze, watching me...

This is my play house...

My shit banging in your head like.. your crap

...yeah, like seven in the.. square

It's the only hustle we... with no apologies

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